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Water geyser Overview

We in India have a unique brand of english which confuses the rest of the world. In our country the word Water geyser, signifies a water heater or an electric water heater. I still can not find the origin of the usage of water geyser however I can try and explain how water geysers are important in our country.

Water geyser Benefits

Water Geyser Environment Friendly

We in India have been traditionally burning wood or other fossil fuels for heat water and the culture of using electric water heaters started quite late in the day. Even when we had electric water heating the same was limited to immersion rods and water boilers. A water boiler for those who are unaware is a storage tank with a heating element and you could heat water and pour it out in a bucket.

Water geyser India

The growth of concealed plumbing

The use of water heaters required concealed plumbing to let the water come from water heater to the pipes and somehow this was quite a rarity back in the day. So as more organized players started showing up in both the bathroom hardware space and the home construction space the use of electric water heaters or commonly known Water Geyser started to rise.

Water Geyser Details

Water geysers are normally carrying a storage tank with a heating element and a supply of water from an overhead tank and further an outlet to the bathroom or kitchen tap. This simple device uses a lot of available physics like gravity and other principles. Apart from that the use the scales free water heating tank or a scales free heating element will help in faster heating.

We have traditionally had a problem with scaled water in a lot of places in India and scaling creates a layer around the heating element of the water geyser making it slow to heat up water. Hence water heaters with some means to either shred off the scale or avoid scaling completely are the best in India.



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