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Designed for optimum use of space, all new Verdi range of water heaters from Ferroli, not only enhances the appeal of your bathroom but it’s a perfect fit for low height bathrooms.
Eco friendly CFC free insulation in Verdi ensures the high level of energy efficiency as well as pocket savings....Know more

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Today's contemporary products come embedded with technology that helps us live smarter. Recognising this, Ferroli's electric water heaters are technologically advanced, stylishly designed and energy efficient.

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Most of the Ferroli electric water heaters have 5 star, (the highest) rating standard of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency or BEE. This means that using a Ferroli water heater will lower your electricity bills.

With the Ferroli Heater app, you can now talk to your water heater
*applicable for WiFi models

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With the Ferroil Heater app. you can now talk to your water heater
*applicable for WiFi models

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